About Gethyn Jones

Gethyn Jones was sold on music from the moment his cousin played him a recording of Red River Rock by Johnny & The Hurricanes. He grew up in a musical family – his father a fine pianist, church organist and composer – but 'pop' music wasn't welcomed in the household during 1950s and early 60s!

His teenage years were spent soaking up every twist and turn of musical invention from The Beatles, The Who, The Stones and hundreds of others – all experimenting and playing with new ideas. Gethyn wanted to be part of this amazing musical journey.

He learned piano from age 6 but suffered under the ruler [sic] of a terrifying matriarchal teacher. Then pop music entered his life, a cheap guitar was bought and, from there, years were spent listening to and copying his favourite songs until he started to write his own music. His present day taste in music is catholic - anything goes. But his number one band remains The Who.

An unplanned career in BBC Radio and TV Broadcasting occupied him from his early adult years, exposing him to a fabulous treasure trove: the BBC Gramophone Library. Any track ever recorded and released – just a requisition form away.

He also got to meet some great musicians, many of whom he interviewed for the radio
(in no particular order):

Along the way, Gethyn got to know a TV Director, Colin Nutley, who was looking for original music for his TV programmes – and those of his colleagues. Cue Jugg Music, formed using the surnames of Gethyn Jones, Nick Hug and Brian Hug. Together, they collaborated on composing and recording TV sig tunes and commercials for around 15 years.

Fast-forward to 2015 and still enjoying a successful career in Web Design – Gethyn decided to start writing songs again (thank you Cubase).

He is now enjoying creating songs and recording them with the team at Quay West Studios, In Hampshire, UK.