Coolstar is the band/brand name for music producer Gethyn Jones. Gethyn works with fellow producer and engineer Nicholas Bowen. The line-up of the band is determined by each song and its unique requirements.

Guest singers include: Ian Bartholomew, Liam Wakefield, Lily Garland, Alan Finlan, Erin Newman, Ryan Butterworth, Alex Larke, Wren and Paige Robinson.

Guest musicians include: Mike Hugg, Ian Duck, Graham Preskett, Alex Long, Daryl Nash, Jack Turnbull, Teddy Edwards, Alex Wilson, John Rennie, Jamie Wilson, Jim Cutts and Joe Smith.

Latest Release


Companion album to the novel Fatal Equation, available from Amazon as an eBook or paperback.

fatal equation

For information about the Fatal Equation Book, please visit: The Fatal Equation Website.

Fatal Equation
How Could I Be So Wrong?
In Paradise

All songs by Gethyn Jones Copyright © 2020