Liam Wakefield
Erin Newman
Gethyn Jones - Mike Hugg - Nicholas Bowen
Ian Duck
Quay West Studio
Jack Turnbull
BBC Radio Solent
Jamie Wilson

Music Producer & Songwriter
Gethyn Jones


HOMELAND - Coolstar feat. Ian Bartholomew

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Available Singles

I Keep Walkin by Coolstar

'I Keep Walkin'' out there .. wanderin' and wonderin' ... special thanks to Ian Duck (harm), Mike Hugg (keys) and the Graham Preskett Orchestra.

Homeland by Coolstar

'Homeland' featuring Erin Newman and Alan Finlan on vocals ... this version was released in 2019. New version released in 2021.

When You Walk In - a song by Redlipz

RedLipZ is a band of session musicians created to promote new songs. The guest singer on this track is Erin Newman who is a young and incredibly talented singer from Hampshire, UK. Production credits include Nick Bowen at Quay West, UK.

Ozone by Redlipz and Amba Tremain

This song, Ozone, resonates for many reasons – it's not intended to be religious but has a very powerful can-do and extremenly upbeat feel to it. Great singing from Amba Tremain and the 'choir' too! Arranged and co-produced by Mike Hugg of Manfred Mann.


The Fatal Equation Project

ALRIGHT! composed by Gethyn Jones

Edit of ALRIGHT! by Coolstar HERE

Fatal Equation a new song composed by Gethyn Jones

Edit of Fatal Equation by RedLipZ HERE

May December a new song composed by Gethyn Jones

Edit of May December by RedLipZ HERE

TV and Radio Music

Gethyn Jones was a co-founder of Jugg Music with Brian Hug and the late Nick Hug. They were active during the 1970s and 1980s writing and producing TV sig tunes and incidental music for such shows as the iconic RUNAROUND with comic Mike Reid, (and later, Leslie Crowther) and GOING OUT directed by Colin Nutley (now adopted and adored by the people of Sweden). Series, programmes and ads include:
  • Runaround
  • Going Out
  • The Flockton Flyer
  • In Search of Father Christmas
  • Hey Look That's Me
  • Noah's Castle
  • Anneka
  • Fifth Generation
  • Radio Phoenix
  • Day By Day
  • Afloat
  • Just Around The Corner
  • BBC Radio Solent IDs
  • Mac Markets
  • Pronto Paint
  • G.A. Day Supercentres
Composer and songwriter Gethyn Jones